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Prologue - - -

Shadow Man and Quick Man came in with a 'special delivery' that the 'Doctor', Albert Wily ordered them to bring.... Both were within the Wily Castle in front door of the Old Man's office.

"You sure we got the right person?" Quick Man was unsure. A few hours earlier, he bagged a live collage girl while Shadow had to fight off a bunch of the girl's roommates who were freaking out.
"Look," Shadow was forced to repeat himself", all Wily-san has told me is to get him a new assistant and I've done what I was told."
"Yeah...but" Quick rubbed the back of his neck in confusion," does it really have to be a girl? I mean, the Old Man got married like three times and..."
Shadow Man sighed; he was a bit embarrassed to confess this.
"I..."the words got stuck in his throat.
"You what?"
"I...I made a bet with Aqua Man"
Every Robot-kind (basically everyone) that lives within the Castle knows that Aqua is a PERV; he's got the LARGEST collection of porn magazine!
"How did you lose to that guy to a FRICKIN' bet?!?" Quick couldn't believe that," I mean, you're a frickin' NINJA!"
Shadow Man felt dishonored and ashamed, "Do you promise not to tell anyone, Quick-Chan?"
"Sure, if you stop calling me Quick-Chan", Quick Man never really understood why Shadow called his name and -Chan.
"Thank you."
As a sign of gratitude, Shadow opened the door for Quick, which is something that he doesn't do often.
"Okay, time to give his delivery" Quick gave a sarcasm. He gave a heavy lift to the bag to put it over his shoulder and then-
The bag has slammed against the wall. Quick and Shadow froze; they almost forgot about the brunette girl they bagged earlier.
"BE MORE CAREFUL!!!" Shadow fiercely whispered at him.
Quick was fearful that he might've knocked the girl out.
"Did you bring the new assistant?"
Quick and Shadow looked ahead of him. They saw the old man, Dr. Wily at his messy, paper-covered desk with Snake Man at a side.
"Yes Wily-San" Shadow Man answered.
"Well bring him here"
Him?! Shadow got nervous He was expecting a male?!
"O-of course..." Shadow moved aside to let Quick bring the 'new assistant'.
"I hope you like the pretty people boss...hehe..." Shadow could easily tell that Quick was just as, if not, more nervous than himself.
"Why the hell is he bagged?"
Quick looked at the bag. He couldn't come up with an explanation.
Shadow Man put himself in front of him", The new assistant wasn't so... agreeable with our we..."
"…Shoved her in a BAG!" Quick filled in the blanks for Shadow.
"Her? You mean a girl?" Snake Man asked.
"Err...I-I mean HIM, hehe..." Quick corrected himself. Shadow sighed, believing that they're going to be screwed soon.
Quick Man walked in front of his desk and (this time) gently laid the bagged girl on the floor. He opened the bag slowly, probably because she gave a hell of a fight before she got bagged.
Snake Man took a closer look on the 'assistant'.
"Wait…thisss ISSS a girl!" Snake anounced.
"YOU IDIOTS BROUGHT A IN A GIRL?!?" Wily yelled at the two idiots.
"Good lord…" Wily told himself. In frustration, both of his hands on his forehead. How did I end up with a lot of STUPID Robots?
"Uh guysss…" Snake's voice was unusually nervous.
"WHAT!!!" Both Shadow and Quick hastily looked at Snake. The green reptilian Robot was knelt down next to the brunette, poking at her. Both of the Robot's anger turned into worry.
"The girl…ssshe hasssn't movvved at all…" Even Snake was got worried. He stood up, looking at her motionless body.
"YOU MEAN SHE'S DEAD?!?" Wily freaked out; the idea of having a woman's corpse in his Castle scared him.
"No", Snake calmly answered", her body temperature is normal stable."
"So did baka Quick-Chan knock her out by accident?" Shadow Man asked.
"Quick did WHAT?!?" Wily couldn't believe this.
"Forget THAT!" Quick was embarrassed to admit on knocking a girl out", How are we going to wake her?"
"There'sss always a CPR…" Snake Man gave out a creepy smile and chuckled…
"Okay gentlemen, go and do that", Wily go up from his desk and was about to leave when Snake grabbed his arm", You do realizzze that none of usss, the Robotsss, breathe, right?"
Wily gulped.
"Lisssten 'father', if you pretend that you're going to a CPR on her, and she's faking 'being knocked out' ssshe'll freak and get up," Snake explained to him. Wily nodded in understanding and humorously announced", I'M GOING TO DO A CPR!!!"
Quick Man's eye's got big and Shadow's even bigger. They both thought poor girl…
The wrinkled old man was knelt down and was about to hold her when suddenly-
The girl, Photia, (somehow) had a tazer with her in her pajama's pocket and used it against Wily to electrocute him.
"GET AWAY FROM ME YOU PERV!!!" Photia yelled and with the old man's electrocution, turned the whole office into pandemonium. The three Robot Master screamed and freaked out as they saw their master and father shake in pain. Photia, seeing her opportunity darted straight to the unattended door- her gateway to escape the unknown territory. Shadow Man saw her and feeling like he needed to avenge Wily-San, went after her. Meanwhile, Quick continued to freak out and Snake joined Shadow Man to get the girl.

"YOU *t^$u*)*& LET ME GO OR ELSE I'M GONNA #$$#$#$%^&i^ YOUR (*&& AND YOUR #$%^% WHEN YOUR&&%^&(*o!!!!" Photia cursed with everything she's got as she was being carried away by Shadow Man to her new room.
"Is it just me or does 'little missy' sound like Bass?" Quick Man was next to Shadow as he was asked. Photia continued to curse.
"Their mouthsss are sssimilar when it comessss to verbal insssultsss", Snake Man agreed. Photia gave out a HUGE smack on one of Shadow Man's shoulder blades.
"OW", Shadow painfully realized on how HARD this human girl can hit," I swear to the gods, if she keeps this up, I'm gonna get my Kage (Shadow Man's katana) and put it in her little white-"
"Look, just shove the stupid female human in her room", Quick Man in irritation opened the door and Shadow simply threw her in.
"I'M GONNA F***I**-"
Shadow Man rubbed his back, Quick sighed in relief and Snake Man smiled for himself; the wild and aggressive brunette they had to go after for over an hour is finally caged.
"Let us report back to Wily-San" Shadow suggested.
"Yeah but", Quick Man yawned and rubbed his eyes," I need to get back to my sleep".
"Ssso early?" Snake asked.
"Yeah, well" Quick Man yawned again," you know I sleep early dude. Just go on without me…"
Quick Man gave another yawn and left. Snake and Shadow left off going to Wily's office….

The Next Day…

"What is it that YOU want from me, eh?" Photia was struggling to free herself from the rope that's tied around her wrist for…Dr. Wily's safety.
"I've been creating Robots for several years now-"
"Then keep practicing because they're IDIOTS!!!" Photia mocked. Dr. Wily sighed", Yes but they're MY idiots..."
"HA!" Photia gave out a mocking laughter, which made Wily feel offended.
"LISTEN YOU-"Wily shook his fists in fury, but he couldn't come up with any insults to get her back," Look, I need an assistant to help me create newer Robots; THAT assistant is you!"
"WHAT!!!" this was a complete outrage for Photia", But I'm just a collage student studying biology!"
WHAT?!? Dr. Wily was shocked, A biology student?! "One of these days…" Wily grumbled to himself", Shadow Man's gonna get it…"
As Wily grumbled in frustration to himself, Photia feared her destiny on what they're going to do to her if she's no longer useful to Wily. Wait, I think I got an idea!
"Hey, you're name's Wily, right?" Photia asked.
"Yeah, why, you want to mock me more or what?" This isn't the first time he's been verbally bullied by a girl…
"No, no, in fact, I'll offer you a deal" Photia did her best to sound as convincing as possible.
"Oh…is that so?" Wily asked," What's the deal?"
"I'll be your assistant", the idea scared Photia a bit", and…even though I don't know a lot about Robotics, a living organism IS a complex machine; we might be able to create an advance Robot that could possibly develop like a REAL living thing- a half, non-living and living hybrid. We…we might be able to make a breakthrough!"
The idea of fame enchanted Wily,"Deal!"
Wily lend his hand to Photia.
"My hands are tied, idiot…"


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